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Secure Control Systems

Secure Control Systems

Detention Hardware

Secure Control Systems is certified as a detention contractor in many states, and we understand that precision and quality are essential to the specification, design, and installation of your security system.

With SCS’ access to a multitude of first-line suppliers, we manage all of the system components, ensuring that the right equipment is coordinated with the entire detention package and delivered on-time to the site. Working with your specifications is a pleasure, and you may be surprised at our low-cost but effective solutions.

Locks and Locking Systems

Secure Control Systems has extensive expertise in both the installation and design of locks and sliding door systems. Our solutions are effective and innovative, no matter the size or complexity of the project. We are authorized providing contractors for Southern Steel, Folger Adam, and RR Brink products.

Hollow Metal

From the most complex control room frames to the simplest slab door, each hollow metal order placed through Secure Control Systems will be as accurate as possible. We will walk every client through the details of each hollow metal order to ensure that the locks, hinges, doors, glass, and closers meet their own requirements as well as the local code. Our Security Hollow Metal vendors all meet current ASTM and HMMA standards.


From bunks to tables, we are pleased to provide and install an array of standard and custom detention furniture. Secure Control Systems can ensure that you receive high quality and a fit and finish that will last for years. All installation is done by our in-house professionals with layout that is second to none.

Glass and Glazing

Secure Control Systems knows that installing detention glass is a meticulous business. We ensure that the right type, size, and rating is delivered to your facility in a timely manner without sacrificing professional precision. As a factory direct supplier, SCS can provide everything from wire glass to bullet proof panes at a lower price than other sources.

Specialty Materials

Whether you need custom coat hooks, a special bench design, or hinges for a custom application, our designers and engineers can provide a detention-ready solution in any quantity you might need.

Security Electronics

Secure Control Systems' history in this field gives us the ability to design and fabricate a wide range of systems custom to your specific needs – all in-house. This ensures a high level of quality and integration with your Detention Equipment package.

Whether your facility requires a small or large security system, we can address your needs and provide a well-managed and reliable solution.

Touch Screen Systems

Touch-screen technology provides the ultimate in flexibility for facility operators. The systems’ abilities to operate with reduced staff, ensure an easily modified and scalable design, and to adjust for new conditions are just a few of the reasons touch screen operator interfaces have become so popular.

Secure Control Systems has extensive experience with both large and small scale projects as well as with multi-building or multi-campus networked systems. Additionally, SCS designs scalable approaches that will expand with your needs. Let us show you how older hard panel systems may be upgraded with new touch-screen interfaces. The programmers at Secure Control Systems are certified in InduSoft, Wonderware and Omron's SCADA packages.

Door Control

Secure Control Systems has been providing the highest quality door control systems for both PLC based and hardwired systems for over fifteen years. We utilize high quality industrial components to ensure long life and consistent operation of your facility. In some cases, our systems have outlasted the buildings themselves! SCS’ systems are designed to use off-the-shelf components – this ensures that parts will be readily available throughout the system’s life cycle. Fully engineered drawings are delivered with the system to assist your maintenance staff in the event service is required.


Secure Control Systems understands the difficulties the modern consumer faces with the rapid pace of technological advancements; detention and industrial cameras have changed greatly and differ vastly from commercial and residential grade products. SCS will help guide you through the selection and design process to ensure that you get the full system capabilities you envision. Whether you are upgrading your current technology or installing a new system, we will address your needs. SCS can save you money by helping you avoid making the mistake of buying the wrong equipment the first time only to have to spend the money twice.


The proper selection of the base intercom system will ensure years of quality service and sound. Secure control systems can help you decide whether an IP, an analog, or a digital system will best fit your needs and budget. Let SCS guide you through this process with over ten different vendors available for your review.

Access Control

Secure Control Systems offers an array of access control systems, like card-swipe systems and biometrics. Provided as a stand-alone or fully integrated system to be used by any number of users, we have systems that will allow you to monitor and control access in your facility. While Hirsch (including the scramble pad system) and DSX are our top product lines, we have a variety of solutions to meet your budget and needs. Our skilled engineers and technical staff can also upgrade and expand existing systems.

Perimeter Security

Often considered the first line and last of defense, your perimeter security system forms a crucial portion of your security plan. Whether you choose to monitor gates and access points using cameras and access control systems or elect to install microwave, shaker fences and other motion activated technologies, we have the tools to help. Ask us about a complete design that covers all your needs.

Commercial Hardware

The quality of commercial hardware is a critical part of your security design. Secure Control Systems’ professionals will supply and install all of your commercial hardware with the utmost care and attention to detail. We will ensure that the right hardware is installed on each opening and that all local codes are addressed.


From simple lever locks to more complex cipher and access control integrated solutions, we have a range of products to meet most budgets and security needs. As a complete supplier of integrated solutions, we will spend the time necessary to develop hardware schedules and match them with your facility. From retrofits to complete rekeying and new lock installation, we can provide the solution.

Doors and Frames

Door frames are the main interface between the door and the wall. It is quite common to find that your existing frames are rusted, no longer secure within the opening or simply too light gauge to serve your security needs. After retrofitting thousands of doors and frames, we understand that proper installation is the foundation of securing an opening. We can provide high quality doors and frames and immediately upgrade the opening. Take this opportunity to update the locks and complete your security upgrade, all in one installation.

Exit Devices

Exit Devices often fail due to a lack of maintenance or simply abuse and age. We can provide new exit devices that have long warranties and that far outlast those provided during the initial construction of your facility. With the option for integrated door position switches, high closing power, and updated reinforcements, our solutions can rejuvenate a door.

Retrofit Work

If you are looking to repair, upgrade, or change subcontractors, Secure Control Systems can help! Our highly skilled staff has experienced nearly all security configurations and has never encountered a problem we couldn’t fix or retrofit.

Touch Screen Upgrades

Has your facility configuration changed or has your staff modified their operational modes since your system was originally installed and programmed? Do you need a software upgrade or is your system simply out of date and not supportable? Let us help you provide a solution that fits your budget and requirements.

MTI Retrofit Systems

If your facility was provided with Montgomery Technology components and you feel that there is no solution to the aging or non-working systems, contact us for possible retrofit options. Secure Control Systems has developed unique technology that allows us to install a cost effective industry-standard solutions that bypasses much of the MTI system.

PLC Reprogramming

Do you need new functions added into your existing system? Are there features that you no longer use and need to remove? We can help. Secure Control Systems has provided specialty programming for existing system for years and can update your software to fit the needs of your current operational standards. From new reports to complete reprogramming, we can help. Our programmers have even recovered programs from PLCs that have stopped functioning properly.

CCTV System Upgrades

CCTV systems have undergone an extensive change in technology over the last few years and many facilities find themselves stuck with older systems that simply do not address today’s security needs. We can add digital video recording capacity to older systems replacing video tape or upgrade cameras to megapixel capacity. We provide solutions from a range of vendors that will meet your budget and still ensure long-life security solutions.

Swing and Sliding Door Replacements

Secure Control Systems' retrofit door and frame solutions may be installed in any size opening to immediately increase the security level of a room or area. Our extensive experience with retrofit systems will help you switch door types, change locks from mechanical to electrical control, or alter entire openings from swinging to sliding for added security. From one door to several hundred, we have the experience to ensure a fast and cost-effective solution.


We at Secure Control Systems pride ourselves in providing the very best engineering and customer service to jobs of all sizes, regardless of size or location. We understand that the security needs of a one-cell facility are just as important as those of a facility with 3000 beds. We will listen, address your needs, and ensure that we will leave the job only when it is complete.


Secure Control Systems and our staff has played critical roles in federal facilities from Texas to Hawaii. We have been involved in consulting on locking systems and sat on technical committees that addressed door/lock interfaces and emergency release standards.


Our extensive experience with private facilities has allowed us to develop a team dedicated to the special requirements of the design, building, and support of private facilities. We have tailored a system of support that goes beyond the delivery of the systems and ensures long-term support as well as the ability to adapt systems to the needs of the facility and staff.


Secure Control Systems has completed over fifteen state facilities and has developed a keen sense of the needs for the clients and staff. From new construction to retrofit work, we have the ability to adjust to the varying conditions, schedules and design requirements as the projects develop.


County facilities have a special set of requirements that Secure Control Systems understands. When budgets, varying staff needs, and mixed uses all need to be addressed, we have the experience and skills to bring the project to successful completion. We will work with all the concerned parties and coordinate the security needs of the entire group.


Secure Control Systems brings our vast security engineering skills to commercial facilities, helping to ensure a long lasting and budget conscious solution. From CCTV system design and installation to access control and perimeter monitoring, our hardened solutions will provide long term value and security.


Secure Control Systems has provided locks, control systems, and other materials to our international clients from a variety of countries and continues to look for opportunities worldwide. We have the tools and methodologies in place to ensure support regardless of the location.

Specialty Services

In our years of operating as a successful contracting company, we have found that our expertise has been called on many times for services beyond those of a typical subcontractor. When you need something extra or have a situation where others were unable to help, please call us. Difficult situations, fast deliveries, and product development are all common situations addressed by our staff.

Site Evaluation

We have traveled across the US to provide site security evaluations in both normal conditions and post-situation. From perimeter security to locking system testing, our reports will assist you in detailing potential risks and causes of potential risk.

When evaluating commercial facilities, we will assist your staff in developing a complete security plan that takes into account your location, relative risk, target areas, and technology that will help to reduce both your internal and external overall threats. Not only will we produce a risk report, but we can also provide a comprehensive budget and plan that can be approached in steps or in one installation.

Scope, Cost, and Change Order Review

Are you an Architect, Owner or General Contractor working with other vendors and wondering about a Change Order? We evaluate Change Orders throughout the year for scope and cost to help your negotiations.

Project Budgeting

If you are working on a design or need to evaluate your budget, we can help. As your documents become more detailed, we can work with you to reach a final budget that will accurately represent the project costs at bid time.


Design/Build projects are a cornerstone of Secure Control Systems' business. As part of the design team, we develop drawings, security plans, specifications and schedules required to build a cost-effective and highly focused design. We have been members of teams building facilities ranging in budget from $15M to $100M in scope and located from Maine to Colorado to Georgia and Texas.

Specification Generation

A quality set of construction specifications are a critical part of any job and the bidding process. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop specialty specifications for Division 8, Division 11, and Division 17 Security Electronics that are detailed, competitive, and, most importantly, non-biased. Available at cost to qualified parties, these specifications will help ensure a quality product at your facility.